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Village Life Project

A Non-profit

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Organization Details

Our mission is to disrupt the preschool to prison pipeline by forwarding the development of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (S. T. E. A. M.) scholarship in the African American populace and providing solutions to contemporary global problems impacting the African Diaspora. 

Impact Story

Village Life Project was birthed in response to generations of systemic racism, inequity, redlining, economic oppression, miseducation, dehumanization, and mass incarceration. From the enslavement of African peoples, to the genocidal erasure and displacement of the Indigenous peoples, on to the war on drugs, police brutality, homelessness, unemployment, self hate, and black on black crime. Certain groups have long been taught that in order for them to thrive they must oppress other groups of people. Village Life Project rejects that premise and advances practices of cooperation and collaboration.

Our vision is thriving youth, young adults, and families who contribute to a healthy global community.

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Ethnic & Racial Minority
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