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Northeast Community Center Association

A Non-profit

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Organization Details

Our organization has been in Spokane since 1982, offering a variety of services to residents in our service area. In addition to on-site services, we offer after school and summer programming to youth in schools and through community partners. We also have a farmer's market every year, June-October that serves low-income families and senior citizens. 

Impact Story

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of residents in Northeast Spokane--with emphasis on social, health, economic, educational, and recreational needs. In 2023, we provided 77,192 hours of after school and summer programming to local youth, which helped create a 77% decrease in discipline incidents in local schools. We also opened a behavioral health clinic that is accessible to the middle and high school students across the street during the school day. There are so many more outcomes you can find in our annual report