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ReDI School of Digital Integration

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Organization Details

Founded in 2015, ReDI School of Digital Integration is a non-profit tech school providing migrants and marginalized locals free and equitable access to digital education. We offer our learners high-quality coding and basic computer courses in combination with a unique career and mentorship program, which includes the chance to collaborate with tech companies, startups, and digital industry leaders. We aim to provide our learners with valuable digital skills, a growth mindset, strengthened career skills, and a strong network of tech professionals to help create new opportunities for all.

Impact Story

The Challenge: Germany is currently experiencing the highest number of refugees since World War II, with approximately 1.9 million refugees residing in the country as of 2022. The influx of over 1 million people fleeing from Ukraine has contributed to this situation. However, the German Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung reports that only 49% of refugees secure employment within five years of their arrival in Germany. This represents a personal tragedy for individuals and imposes significant costs on society, and squanders a considerable potential workforce, especially given the growing employee shortage in Germany. 


The Vision: Our vision is to create a more dignified and efficient integration process in Germany, where all sectors of society can enjoy a better everyday life. We firmly believe that successful integration is a shared responsibility that necessitates collaboration across industries. To exemplify the power of cross-sectional partnerships and drive scalable social impact, we aim to establish scholarships for women of color with migration backgrounds called "She’s ReDI for IT. " This initiative will empower and up-skill 33 female participants in Berlin, Hamburg, and NRW to increase their access to job opportunities and integrate into jobs in Germany.

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