Based in Uganda

AgriShare Uganda Ltd

A For-profit with social mission

How This Works

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Organization Details

Our company, AgriShare Uganda, addresses the challenge faced by smallholder farmers in accessing essential agricultural resources and services. Our market consists of these farmers who need land, irrigation, tractors, farm workers, and maize shelling services. We offer a digital platform that provides them with a wide array of options, complete with transparent pricing and GPS-based location data. Key metrics include the number of active users on our platform and the revenue growth rate. Our team includes  group of passionate individuals with committed to revolutionizing agriculture in Uganda and ensuring fair access to resources for all smallholder farmers.

Impact Story

AgriShare Uganda exists to bridge the gap between smallholder farmers and crucial agricultural resources, fostering economic empowerment and food security. We positively impact our community by providing affordable and accessible options for land, irrigation, tractors, farm workers, and maize shelling. This empowers farmers, particularly those with limited resources, to enhance their yields, income, and overall livelihoods. Through our innovative platform, we promote fair pricing, efficient resource allocation, and digital access. Our goal is to transform the agricultural landscape, improving the lives of smallholder farmers and contributing to sustainable food production and economic growth in Uganda.

Diverse Social Enterprise

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