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Tailored Food

A Non-profit

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Organization Details

Tailored is on a mission to build sustainable food systems that provide nutritious, delicious, culturally relevant food products at a price that families in extreme poverty can afford. In Liberia, this looks like a line of flavored cassava-based porridge fortified with a complete vitamin and mineral profile. In Congo, it looks like a line of flavored cassava-based snack “bars” fortified and flavored and packaged in locally harvested banana leaves instead of plastic. Ingredients are sourced from smallholder farmers, manufacturing equipment from local machine shops, and everything is operated by locally owned businesses, employing mostly women. The business has sold food for 5.5 years in Liberia and 3 years in Congo. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has funded a research study measuring the impact of this model in Liberia, with a research study published that showed that 100% of consumers living in extreme poverty viewed the product we developed as ‘affordable.’ 

Impact Story

I have been obsessed with the issue of nutritious delicious low-cost food for the last 6 years. This work is not a job for me, but a passion that motivates me to push hard each and every day to try my best to create positive impact on food systems in the countries hardest hit by malnutrition. Tailored Food has been a single-person operation since I founded it, where I do all tasks required to run a non-profit that operates in multiple countries. From advocacy and public speaking, to entrepreneur and smallholder farmer trainings, to tasting local products in rural markets in countries like Liberia and Madagascar.