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Guru Hygenix Limited

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

Guru Hygenix Limited is a waste Management Company that currently focuses on garbage collection from domestic and commercial customers.The COmpany is also currently positioning itself to move  from the unsustaiable linear economy where the landfills are a final destination for the garbage that it collects to a circular economy- recycling of the waste that it collects and using the organic waste to manufacture organic fertilizer.The Company has been in operation since 2014 under its original name The Carpet Guru which began as a sole proprietorship owned by the Company's founder Mr. Eliud Kibinge

Impact Story

Our Why:

We are actively pursuing new opportunities to provide cleaner, healthier and greener environments for customers in and around Kiambu County by providing tech-enabled reliable and affordable garbage collection services to our domestic and commercial customers in and around Kiambu County.

Our Impact:

Guru Hygenix is currently solving the garbage waste proliferation in Kiambu County and its environs by providing affodable, reliable and efficient garbage collection services for our customers.About 60% of the waste that we collect s organic, 30% is recyclable and the remaining 10% is residual waste.We are currently collecting an average of 10 Tons of recyclable waste (Mainly plastics, paper, carton boxes, scrap metals) per month and as such, have created revenue generating opportunities for collectors of the recyclables whom we currently sell the materials to. 

Our Vision:

We want to use the waste that we collect to create a multiplier effect within the cirular green economy.Namely, using the organic waste that we collect to manufacture high quality and affordable organic fertilizer, play a role in the achivement of food security by enabling farmers to aactualize high crop yields in using our products, by scaling our operations, reduce unemployment and poverty through availing opportunities for the youth, women and persons with disability.



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