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Organization Details

Haqdarshak (HQ) is a social protection and financial inclusion organisation working to make welfare schemes more accessible to citizens by providing last-mile support to discover and apply for government and private welfare schemes. This is done via a multi-state, multilingual mobile app used by a trained cadre of community agents called Haqdarshaks. We have digitized over 7000 welfare programs in local and easy-to-understand languages and created a mobile app. We train women entrepreneurs across the country who use our mobile app to inform individuals & micro businesses of their eligible welfare programs and provide end to end support to them for applying and obtaining the benefits.  This includes checking requisite documentation, filling up forms, submitting the application to government channels (online or offline). 

Impact Story

There are many barriers to access the social security net in India. 

There are thousands of social welfare programs run  by the national, state, and local government in India. However, there is no single place for people to learn about what programs citizens/micro-businesses are eligible for and what steps they would need to take to avail their entitlements. This results in low application rates for welfare programs and large amounts of allocated money left unspent.

Moreover, the application process to avail different programs remains non-standardized and often complex for citizens to follow. Application processes for government schemes are often long, costly, bureaucratic and complex, which disproportionately affects the marginalized and vulnerable members of society. 

Citizens lack awareness of Government entitlements, often ending up excluding them from the social security net. A lack of information about eligibility, and high transaction costs also contribute to citizens being unable to access the social security services they are entitled to. 

We have a simple questionnaire which helps citizens discover their eligible schemes in under 10 minutes, ensuring easy access to information around government schemes and benefits, and we offer last mile delivery by trusted persons from the community, trained as Haqdarshaks,  who guide the citizens on their scheme application journey, easing the entire application process for them. 

Over the last seven years of operations, we have reached out to 3.3 million citizens and
facilitated 2.8 million welfare scheme applications, unlocking benefits of over Rs 5000 crores

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