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Organization Details

Kyusa is a purpose-driven organization that empowers and enriches the lives of marginalized youth and women through enterprise development. As an Entrepreneur Support Organization (ESO), we offer a comprehensive suite of business training, coaching, and incubation services to micro and small businesses in underprivileged communities, including urban slums, rural areas, and refugee camps.

Our mission is to cultivate and support entrepreneurial growth, enhancing the survival rate and accelerating the expansion of micro and small enterprises (MSE). Our business support services are designed to foster personal and professional growth, building valuable business competencies, expanding networks, and provide access to market opportunities.

Our focus on leadership and business development support services equips the next generation of entrepreneurs with the skills and resources they need to launch and grow their businesses with confidence.

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Impact Story

Uganda is one of the youngest countries in the world and unfortunately hundreds of Ugandan youth drop out of the formal education system every year for one reason or another. Uganda has the highest school dropout rate in East Africa and as a young country, we grapple with high youth unemployment rates.

When youth drop out of school, not only do they lose the ability to accomplish their academic aspirations, they also tend to lose their sense of dignity and identity because of the stigma related to being a dropout in Uganda. The plight of school dropouts is unthinkable. Many resorts to gangs to find a sense of identity and security, girls end up with unwanted pregnancies and marriages while many have lost their lives through human trafficking scams in search of greener pastures.

The Kyusa intervention not only empowers youth to become financially independent through entrepreneurship, but we also restore hope and dignity to marginalized youth by enabling them to find expression through passion-driven entrepreneurship endeavors.

Kyusa's impact has been far-reaching and transformative for the youth and women-led businesses we serve. Over the years, we have provided crucial capacity-building support to over 5,000 young entrepreneurs, who now run a collective 1,800 micro and small enterprises (MSEs), providing vital livelihoods for 3,600 individuals.

Our efforts to foster social entrepreneurship have also yielded remarkable results, with 95 social enterprises established to tackle pressing challenges and serving over 2,500 secondary beneficiaries.

Kyusa's innovative programs and initiatives have created opportunities for growth and expansion. Our business study trips, for instance, have provided exposure and networks that have enabled alumni to engage in cross-border trading, while our micro-grant program has supported 125 vendor businesses to recover from the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.