Based in India

Hasiru Dala Innovations

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

Hasiru Dala Innovations is a for-purpose company whose innovative circular economy business models integrate waste pickers into the evolving circular economy value chain and  help create a waste free world – an ethos called Inclusive Circularity™.  Their current services include Circular Waste Management for the responsible bulk waste generator, Circular Events for the eco-friendly host, and Plastics Circularity Services to ensure equitable, fair pricing to wastepickers and informal scrap dealers through tie-ups with global brands that commit to using fairly traded plastic waste in their products or packaging.  Through a joint venture, they process organic wet waste into compressed bio gas replacing LPG cylinders and organic fertilizer. 

Impact Story

Our ethos is Inclusive Circularity, which is the planned and deliberate inclusion of waste pickers and informal waste workers as an integral part of the evolving circular economy value chain.  We so with innovative business models that create access to markets, generates livelihood and entrepreneurship opportunities and provides access to clean waste from source.

We have empowered 22 waste picker entrepreneurs to bring about a quantum change in their quality of life, created predictable livelihoods for over 300 waste workers with an average 122% increase in income and diverted nearly 100,000 tons of waste away from the landfill.