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Cubed Data Enterprises, Inc.

A For-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

We build modular data centers

Modular data centers:

• Build faster than traditional data center construction

• Technology is installed with the latest equipment
• Supports energy and water needs in Africa specific

Impact Story

The two resources critical to data centers functioning properly is water to cool down the facility and electricity to power the facility. These two resources of water and electricity are the by-products that our buildings produce.  The sale of these by-product resources of water and electricity coupled with the main resource of data storage is our plan to pay the principal and interest back to our investors in a timely manner. This also serves as our business model expansion plan.  

By utilizing shipping containers to house the IT equipment we provide customizable energy efficient building designs which allow for an easy plug and play solution for keeping a data center up to date with the newest server technology. Our solution allows data centers to be built in regions lacking electrical and water utilities, uses less resources overall, and puts educating the public as our first and foremost public duty.  

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