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We are at the forefront of developing an innovative on-chain platform designed to empower women by enabling them to leverage their assets, particularly livestock, as valuable collateral. This groundbreaking approach unlocks unprecedented access to essential financial services, while also affording women the opportunity to embrace entrepreneurial ventures that were previously beyond their reach. In essence, our platform serves as an avenue where women can seamlessly access collateralized loans, seamlessly integrating the transformative capabilities of blockchain technology and the Internet of Things (IoT). The utilization of blockchain ensures unparalleled transparency, security, and tamper-proof transaction records, thereby establishing the cornerstone for women's economic self-sufficiency.

Impact Story

Women in developing countries often face discrimination and stereotypes based on their gender. They have limited access to food, education, and employment. In sectors such as agri-food, where many women work, access to productive resources, especially land, is scarce. This has profound implications for their ability to access financial services as women lack of collaterals to be used in case of credit or financial services might be challenging due to high costs or low financial literacy.

I was involved in the comprehensive production and subsequent publication of the Statu of Women in Agri-food System report, a recent release by FAO. Our dedication encompassed months of rigorous research and exhaustive data analysis. This meticulous endeavor successfully unearthed a critical disparity: the glaring absence of access to both digital technology and essential financial services within the agrarian domain.Directly aligned with these identified gaps, our platform serves as a definitive solution. It rests on a foundation of data-driven methodologies, empowered by an acute understanding of the prevailing ecosystem

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