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Impertimus Education Investment

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

Impertimus Education investment is a for Impact social enterprise that works to ensure Access to Quality Education to school going children in Kenya. Impertimus avails funds to help retain children in secondary school level. Impertimus has established Abaki Shule Plan, a low-cost secondary school loan product offered as a Community Revolving fund funded by impact investors through our Crowdfunding platform to support children from the low-income households through school.

Our zero interest school fee loans help economically disadvantaged households retain their children in secondary schools and improve students’ overall school attendance by enabling parents to make lump sum school fees payments at the beginning of every term. Its notable features include repayment periods of 4 to 6 months, zero interest charges and a flat rate service fee of 5 USD for every loan.

Impact Story

Impertimus Education Investment exist to ensure access to quality education opportunities to school going children in Kenya. We work with parents from low-income households who face financial constraints that denies their children the right and privilege of uninterrupted learning process. To ensure access to quality education for their children, we empower and provide them with alternative financial solutions to help them educate their children with ease. 

Impertimus was founded in 2018 by Katama and Beatrice to offer an alternative and reliable solution to low-income households and enable them educate their children with ease.

Katama struggled in his first transition phase between primary and secondary school that involved random fundraising by knocking on public office and well-wishers’ doors to raise adequate funds for his education cost. Beatrice has a similar experience in getting her education as she witnesses her parents struggling to educate her and her four siblings. Educating children being a recurring expense, children spend days out of school affecting their academic and future prospects. The available financial solutions for education continued to exclude the needs of low-income households.

To date, Impertimus has designed and successfully tested two financial products. The first was a digital education saving platform which was tested in the fourth quarter of 2018 to a women-group of 10 with children in primary schools. The second product was born after the closure of schools during the Covid 19 pandemic. A school loan designed as a response to the anticipated need to return children to school afterwards.

Our impact has moved from 1 loan in 2021 to 15 in 2022 and now heading to 100, we have been able to pilot this solution successfully recording an 88% loan recovery rate and have proven the viability of the solution. The value of our loan portfolio in phase one was $1500. Our impact is anticipated to grow and reattain 500 children in school in 2023.




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