Based in Nigeria

The R.E.T.I.N.A Initiative

A Non-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

The R.E.T.I.N.A is an acronym for Restoration of Eyecare Through Innovation and Awareness. It is a youth-led non-profit organization committed to promoting primary eye care services through research, advocacy campaigns, outreach programmes, trainings and sustainable eye care innovations that challenges systemic barriers to preventable blindness in underserved African communities.

Impact Story

We exist to create a community that is free from preventable blindness. We have successfully executed 11 projects in about 15 different communities in a bid to:

-To promote and increase public awareness about preventable blindness and eye healthcare.

-To train young people about basic first aid skills in responding to emergency eye injuries.

-To provide comprehensive vision care services to under-served communities in order to bring about the eradication and control of preventable blindness and visual impairment

-To periodically (monthly basis) encourage people about the importance of good eye health towards the actualization of sustainable development goals and so much more.


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