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iBUILD Global, Inc.

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

We are a software development and consulting company that has pioneered the first platform as a Service for the construction industry. We work directly with emerging market clients to digitize  construction management processes, staff and on-site workers, real-time progress reporting and ecosystem payments (based on verified completed work and/or verified supplier deliveries). We have 7 different mobile and web apps that allow various engaged stakeholders to gather and input data that assist project administrators in the authentication of spending tied to real-time authentication (w/ 2-party verification and geo-tagged photos)  against budgets, timelines and scope. We are currenlty working on AI and ML integrations for clients, particularly in the MFI lending space. This work will lead to the ability of MFI clients to use their own real data to determine credit score algorithms, other credit de-risking strategies and ultimately lower interest rates to end users

Impact Story

The iBUILD purpose is to provide equal access to the digital tools, materials and services via a trusted marketplace for the entire construction ecosystm empowering  the world to build. 80% of housing supply in emerging markets in 

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