Based in Kenya

Ambulex Solutions Limited

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

Ambulex Solutions is an innovative organization with a national footprint contributing to improved systems for emergency  medical services for families in Kenya. Ambulex is known for its affordable, compassionate, efficient and timely delivery of tech-enabled emergency healthcare in Kenya. 

Inspired by its propensity to be a national leader in grassroots-level emergency medical services solutions and promotion of emergency medical services-related careers, Ambulex takes an ambitious pathway propelled by the following strategic thrusts:

  • Vision: Healthy and vibrant communities actively playing a role in their own development.
  • Mission: To save lives and reduce morbidities arising from poor health emergency response in Kenya, by providing grassroots-level emergency health solutions to low-income communities.

Impact Story

We work to provide efficiencies in emergency medical response and rescue and to  enable communities to participate in inclusive and equitable systems for health at county and national levels. With  a strong footprint in Nairobi connecting community needs and experiences, we aim to bring global best practices in EMS  through strategic partnerships and community mobilization. These actios will enable us to save lives and reduce morbidities. Our innnovative model will create more thatn 10,000 jobs country wide at scale. 

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