Based in Kenya

Centre For Maternal Health Innovations Limited

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

Center for Maternal Health Innovations (CMHI) is a Limited by liability Company, a social enterprise wing of Kisumu Medical and Education Trust (KMET), a local Kenyan organization founded in 1995 to promote innovative and sustainable health and education programs among underserved communities in Kenya.

CMHI aims to promote healthy behavior among the target populations, using social marketing approach to reach to most underserved communities with innovative health –products and services. The products are made for women by women. Our products and services include:

  1. ESM-UBT Kit.
  2. Nutri-flour: Nene, Afya, Extra
  3. Non – pneumatic Anti Shock Garment (NASG)
  4. Comfort Reusable pads
  5. Trainings: MHM, PPH Management, Ultra sound

Impact Story

The social enterprise was founded in 2016 and we've been delivering Reproductive and Maternal health programs aimed at improving the quality of services for the underserved ever since.  Our innovations are made for women by women. The main innovation the UBT kit has been used to save over 4,000 lives reported both locally in Kenya and internationally in Africa and India. 

Our innovations provide affordable, easy to use, safe, highly cost-effective alternatives for PPH management and Nutrition in low resource setting.

Diverse Social Enterprise

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