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Innovia Medical Services (iMedical)

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

iMedical (Innova Medical Services) is a Tele Medicine provider and online pharmacy looking to improve medical care access through our integrated telemedicine kits using state of the art technologies that provide primary healthcare diagnostics and rapid tests. Our model is structured around affordable, quality healthcare services. That will include Consultation, Diagnostics and Online Medicine dispensing. We focus on standardising services for a limited set of health issues to drive down costs while maintaining high standards. Services shall include; Preventive, curative primary health care Primary optometry Primary skincare.

Impact Story

iMedical (Innova Medical Services) is a Telemedicine provider and online pharmacy aiming to enhance medical care access through integrated telemedicine kits using advanced technologies for primary healthcare diagnostics and rapid tests. The organization's model revolves around affordable, quality healthcare services, focusing on standardizing offerings for select health issues to reduce costs while maintaining high standards. By leveraging telemedicine, iMedical bridges the gap between healthcare providers and patients, especially in underserved areas, offering convenient access to healthcare from the comfort of their homes. The incorporation of state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies enables efficient and accurate diagnosis, leading to early detection and timely treatment, potentially reducing healthcare expenses in the long term. iMedical's emphasis on preventive care encourages proactive healthcare practices, identifying health risks early on and promoting overall well-being. Additionally, their inclusion of primary optometry and skincare services addresses specific healthcare needs, ensuring holistic and comprehensive care for patients. Through this innovative approach, iMedical seeks to not only provide accessible healthcare but also inspire wider adoption of telemedicine solutions, making a positive impact on global health.

In conclusion, iMedical's integration of telemedicine and online pharmacy services has the potential to revolutionize healthcare access and delivery. By combining affordable, quality care with advanced technologies, the organization can efficiently diagnose and treat health issues while encouraging preventive measures. Through their proactive and inclusive approach, iMedical aims to promote healthier communities and contribute to the ongoing transformation of the healthcare industry, fostering global reach and innovation in medical care.

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