Based in Ghana

Emfed Farms And Trading Company LTD

A For-profit with social mission

How This Works

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Organization Details

We provide full farm management service to smallholder cocoa farmers who are old, sick, absentee, and widow farmers, we sign a contract with the farmer and then take over the management activities. We do this to increase yield to generate more income for the farmer. The cocoa husk and other industrial waste are collected and used to produce compost to solve soil fertility problems.

Impact Story

1. We have increased the yield of smallholder farmers from 200kg/ha - 1200kg/ha which is a 300% increase in income.

2. Created 200 direct jobs for women and youth in rural communities.

3. Produced and supplied over 20,000 tons of compost fertilizers to farmers in our area.

4. We have promoted afforestation through our yield intensification activities and supported climate-smart agriculture by planting of shade trees in cocoa farms.

5. Our activities totally eliminate child labor in the cocoa sector since only trained professionals undertake assignments.

6. We have contributed to the total cocoa tonnage sold abroad by the government for foreign exchange in the country.