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Organization Details

It's Learnable is an innovative augmented learning platform aimed at addressing critical educational challenges in Africa through advanced technology, inclusivity, and ease of use. By leveraging tools like AI, AR, and VR, It’s Learnable simplifies the creation, distribution, assessment, and performance management of lessons, making education accessible to all, especially in low-income and rural areas. Recognized by the African Union for outstanding innovation, the platform supports Sustainable Development Goal 4 by providing quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Impact Story

It's Learnable was born out of the need to bridge the digital divide in education, especially in Africa, where access to quality education and infrastructure is limited. The platform was developed with the African teacher in mind, incorporating feedback from various trials to ensure ease of use and relevance. Learnable leverages widely accessible technologies like WhatsApp to distribute learning content, ensuring no learner or teacher is left behind. This inclusive approach means that learners can access educational materials regardless of their economic background, helping to reduce educational inequities.

Our impact extends beyond technology. During the COVID-19 pandemic, It’s Learnable played a crucial role in mitigating educational disruptions by providing a seamless, paperless, and accessible platform for remote learning. This effort has been recognized by multiple global organizations, including the African Union, Deloitte, and the World Economic Forum. Our partnerships with these entities have enabled us to scale our solutions, reaching over 48,000 teachers and learners, and our continuous innovations ensure we remain at the forefront of educational technology, empowering teachers and students alike to achieve their full potential.

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