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Cleanergy Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Organization Details

Kisangas is one of the most innovative biogas technologie indigenously developed in India. Kisangas enables farmers to turn their organic waste into clean fuel and organic fertilizer with its patented digester technology. We offer modular options to suit each of our customers/ farmers requirement. It is our vision to make farmers self-reliant, improve their quality of life and create a positive impact on environment. 

Impact Story

Our vision is to "Eradicate energy poverty and accelerate transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy by investing waste." We will achieve this by "Empowering world to invest their waste through technology". 

Our technology "Kisangas" is an ideal solution for farmers to provide sustainable source of fuel. Our technology offers long term savings to farmers and helps them become self-reliant for fuel and fertilizer. 

Kisangas technology helps to reduce harmful green house gas emission by using biogas as a clean fuel. It also helps to improve soil health, reduce use of chemical fertilizer.