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Organization Details

We're engineers with a vision, and we want to improve the lives of people through thoughtful architecture. Our mission is to use innovative engineering to provide sustainable infrastructure that solves the social and environmental challenges of Africans living below the poverty line. 

We aim to construct in a way that is harmonious with the environment, bringing together three fundamentals; environmental, economic, and social sustainability. 

Impact Story

Our founder was born in the UK to 2 Gambian parents and at the age of 10, they all moved back to the Gambia where he went on to live for 7 years. This was quite a culture shift for him as he went from sleeping in his own room to sleeping with 10 other kids on a mattress. He learned to appreciate the value of every single drop of water, every grain of rice and sugar, and every strand of cloth. He learned that a lot of things that we take for granted in the West are very much appreciated in developing countries. The highlight of his time in Africa was when he visited the village my father was born, and saw the conditions of their dwellings. An experience that sparked his interest in innovative engineering.

This is how Phioneers and our DWLBL (Dwellable) project came into existence. to develop a solution that would not only provide affordable homes but also create jobs and protect the natural habitat. 


Diverse Social Enterprise

The TRANSFORM Support Hub is committed to accelerating diverse owned and led enterprises to build more equitable and resilient supply chains.

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