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Building Education

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Organization Details

Building Education serves to build safe schools in development countries to end the cycle of extreme poverty. Our Mission is 1,000 schools and we aim to transform rural villages into prosperous, dignified communities.

Impact Story

In April 2015, there was an 8.7 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal, damaging 9,000 schools. Since the earthquake, only 4,000 schools have been rebuilt.

Approdximately 80% of Nepal is rural and suffers from multi-dimensional poverty with lack of resources to clean water, energy, education, food security, healthcare, and infrastructure. Without proper education, children become farmers at the age of 7 or 8, yet still suffe3r from food insecurity 6 months out of the year in rural Nepal. Girls get married at the age of 12 or 13, have babies at 14 without proper resources to sustain the family, thereby perpetuating the cycle of extreme poverty. For girls below 14 years old, an additional year of education can increase their future income by 25%.

We serve to build schools, install water systems, provide school scholarships, and create hydroponics systems to create a more sustainable village.

Our impact to date includes...
1. 3 Schools Rebuilt, currently rebuilding the 4th school, and funding the 5th school
2. 500+ students supported and impacted (with 4th & 5th: 1100+ students)
3. 2 Water Systems created (in 2 different villages) supporting over 170+ households
4. 1 Hydroponics System launched - 360+ plants (leafy greens) & vegetables
5. 1 Women Empowerment Conference supporting 50+ women in financial literacy, menstruation health, and entrepreneurship
6. 1st female Graduated from University studying pharmaceutical studies and plans to build a health post in her village to help her community