Based in Ecuador

PACH, Partners For Andean Health

A Non-profit

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Organization Details

PACH’s mission is to foster sustainable health care systems and communities in Andean Ecuador by providing education, resources, and enduring solutions, along with global partners, to improve Andean community health and wellbeing.

Impact Story

The area we serve is predominantly indigenous and makes up 63% of the population in Chimborazo Province. The majority of our patients and partners live in extreme poverty, and malnutrition is a component of why we exist. Furthermore, access to culturally competent health care is limited. Eye and dental care are even more scarce. 


We exist to provide competent care with a multicultural approach. Our impacts vary throughout the years, but we focus on COVID prevention, where we have educated and provided resources to avoid the spread to 242,000 Ecuadorian and migrant refugees. We have 24 specialties and have completed over 400 surgeries led by National doctors. Every year, our programs address the needs of the communities we follow directions from. This year, our focus has expanded to support culture and language revitalization and community health care providers. And the THRIVE initiative, an empowerment initiative that will serve 22 young women in the quest to find alternative job sources, empowerment, and inclusion in STEAM.