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Christel House International

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How This Works

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Organization Details

Christel House prepares graduates to achieve upward economic mobility, demonstrate good citizenship, and become empowered to identify and realize their goals, dreams, and human potential.

Our Vision: A world where poverty does not limit potential.

Children don’t choose to be born into poverty. Most grow up never realizing their human potential. Instead, they face physical and psychological trauma—hunger, malnutrition, disease, low self-esteem and lack of opportunity.

Christel House is a holistic model designed to transform the lives of children experiencing poverty. We do this by focusing on the “whole child.”  We don’t just educate, or feed, or provide health care—we do all of these things—from early childhood through early adulthood.

Our structure ensures that 100% of donations support programs and services for children. Overhead and fundraising costs are funded by the Founder’s bequest.


Impact Story

Zakeer Hussain shared a small one room house in Bangalore, India with his mother, father, grandmother, and older brother. While his dad worked hard to provide, income was irregular. "Growing up was quite hard," he says. "Then Christel House happened." Zakeer enrolled at Christel House in 3rd grade. "We never had tables or chairs in my other school," he remembers. Life at his new school motivated him. "I studied at Christel House," he says. "I learned the importance of education. My old neighborhood was not safe...there were too many challenges. But my second home, Christel House, was always a safe home for me."

From an early age, the Christel House College & Careers program guided Zakeer. "The mindset at Christel House is very different. You need to graduage. You need to make sure you are in a position to make a good living," he says.

Graduating from Christel House in 2013, Zakeer went to college. Working a part-time job and with support from the College & Careers program, he earned a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. He's now a Project Manager for Byju's one of India's biggest Ed-Tech Companies. "Without Christel House, I don't think I would have come out to this level."

With Zakeer's success, he is providing for his family and has moved them to a new, spacious apartment. "Providing room for my family, a separate room for my mom and dad, a kitchen they can use, a useable washroom, and continous power - we never had that in the old house," he says. "Investing in Christel House gives opportunities to kids that could have never dreamed of an education. I feel that investment."

Christel House Works: 2022 Global Statistics

  • Annual K-12 Student retention rate of 94%
  • 99% of students passed graduation exams
  • 95% of graduates continuing studies or gainfully employed
  • 6,652 number of students currently served including College & Careers