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Apps and Girls

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Organization Details

Apps and Girls empowers and invests in girls and young women as potential tech entrepreneurs, tech creators, tech role models, and leaders, in East Africa. In order to achieve this goal, we are implementing an innovative cyclical process of advanced coding training, entrepreneurship training, mentorship, and startup incubation. The process itself harnesses the power of digital technologies, notably through the creation of STEM clubs in secondary & High schools, Onsite Advanced IT & Entrepreneurship Trainings, an offline and online girls and young women tech entrepreneurship incubator and e- mentoring to match emerging tech entrepreneurs with mentors. We focus on girls and young women from both privileged and underprivileged backgrounds, at secondary/high school, university, or out-of-school, on our mission to reduce the gender gap in ICT, tech-entrepreneurship and empower more change-makers in Africa.

Impact Story

Apps and Girls works broadly to develop girls’ and young women’s skills, potential and confidence to completely participate in our economies driven by the 4IR by advancing their careers in STEM, creating startups thus creating employment opportunities for many and for the out of school young women get the chance to secure formal employment. Apps and Girls have empowered over 100,000 girls and young women with problem-solving and basic and advanced IT skills(web design & development, mobile app development, robotics, graphics & design, photography etc) in Tanzania and Uganda. The girls in our program have developed over 334 concrete tech-driven business ideas, some of which have been launched, or received funding or won international and national competitions worldwide. 


Girls and young women in Apps and girls have not only excelled in creating innovations but have also improved their academic performance in ICT and other STEM-related subjects with 60% of alumni enrolling in STEM courses at college/university, this has created more opportunities for girls and leads to others to acquiring full scholarships in prominent colleges and universities worldwide.

For example Our Alumni:

  1. Lisa Jones:                           

  2. JulietSewava: 

  3. Balbina Gullam -   

  4. Modesta Joseph: 

  5. Winnie:  


A Total of 270 out of school underprivileged girls and young women have benefited from our training, 53 of whom have found formal employment in ICT-related fields, 30 startups have been established, and 87 have re-enrolled and are continuing their education in higher learning institutions.

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