Based in Colombia

Origin Learning Fund

A Non-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

Origin Learning Fund facilitates access to quality education and vocational training for underrepresented youth and communities worldwide through individualized support and its own-developed technology, O-lab app. O-lab is web/mobile platform that works offline, on low-cost devices and adapts to any content, community and langauge, indigenous included. 

Impact Story

We thrive to reduce barriers to quality education in the most left behind corners of the world. We see inclusive access to education as the foundations for all the other sustainable goals. 

Our own-developed technology, O-lab app, was create for any person without any digital background. Fro a kid in primary education from a vulnerable area, a young adult unemployed or looking to upskill, or a rural teachers aiming at strengthening digital and socioemotional skills. 

O-lab aims at becoming the unique, world-first platform that allows illiterate, unskilled, impaired, and underrepresented people to access quality education and training to unlock 21st century abilities and qualifying job opportunities. 

We are mostly focused on empowering companies that need to train unskilled workers on the field and organizations that educate underrepresented youth, at any stage of learning. 

Scalability, accessibility, and inclusivity have been key to O-lab's expansion and impact. 

During the pandemic O-lab app allowed over 5000 primary and secondary school children from low-income areas of Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Pakistan and Philippines to continue their education at home, increase retention rates and improve engagement during classes. 

Through strategic alliances with companies, such as DHL, Universities in Latin America, United Nations agencies such as the International Telecommunications Union, and private foundations, O-lab has developed entrepreneurship and STEAM capacities to foster access to the labor market for more than 4000 youth and young workers not in education, training, or employment in LATAM region e and Nigeria since 2021 to date. 

In South Africa, O-lab helps more than 1000 illiterate children in highly vulnerable areas of Cape Town to read and write.