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Rwandan Association for Women in Science and Engineering (RAWISE)

A Non-profit

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Organization Details

RAWISE is a Rwandan non-governmental organization dedicated to encouraging and empowering women in science and engineering. With a focus on promoting their participation in STEM fields, RAWISE offers a range of activities and initiatives to support their professional growth and leadership development. These include mentoring programs for young girls, workshops and training for skill enhancement, policy advocacy for gender-wise updates, and fostering research collaboration. RAWISE's mission is to break barriers, promote gender equality, and create an inclusive and thriving STEM community for women in Rwanda.

Impact Story

RAWISE, the Rwandan Association for Women in Science and Engineering, is making a significant positive impact by promoting women's participation in science and technology. With a focus on mentorship and role models, RAWISE empowers women scientists and encourages their engagement in STEM leadership positions. The organization currently has 100+ members, all women with Masters or PhDs in STEM fields, who actively contribute to RAWISE's mission.

Through its four key pillars, RAWISE is driving change in the STEM landscape. The organization provides mentoring opportunities, including group and one-on-one mentorship activities for young girls, fostering their interest and development in STEM. RAWISE also focuses on career development by offering both soft skills and technical training to its members, enhancing their professional growth. Additionally, RAWISE influences policy by advocating for science-based gender-wise updates at institutional and national levels. The organization further serves as a research hub, promoting collaboration in STEM research, providing hands-on training for junior research members, and raising awareness about publication fee waivers.

Overall, RAWISE's efforts are breaking down barriers and creating pathways for women in science and engineering. By providing mentorship, career development, policy influence, and research support, RAWISE is advancing gender equality and empowering women to excel in STEM fields in Rwanda.

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