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Organization Details

Shekulo Tov Group is an Israeli not-for-profit that provides vocational engagement to 4,200 service users, mainly people with severe psycho-social disabilities. 1350 (36%) already work in the open labor market with an independent work contract at over 450 employers. Our work is based on the vision to empower people with severe disabilities to live independent and active lives in the community, pursue their personal journeys, and reach their professional goals.
At the heart of our work lies the principle that true inclusion depends upon having vocational rehabilitation opportunities available outside the mental health system in mainstream society.



Impact Story

Shekulo Tov developed the Integrative Unit Model (IUM) - an award-winning Israeli model that has significantly increased the inclusion rate of people with severe disabilities in the open labor market.  The IUM has won the UN Zero Project Award, Social Entrepreneurs of the Year from the Schwab Foundation, the Innovation Award of the EASPD, and the International Design Awards (IAUD). The OECD, Rehabilitation International, an official report for the German government, and many more endorsed it.

Shekulo Tov operates over 140 training units – out of them, Israel’s third-largest bookshop chain, a chain of coffee shops, dog walking companies, a chain of second-hand clothes for women, and more. Here is a 3 minutes clip describing their professional Integrative Unit Model.  

A Deutsche Welt English article news article about the IUM in Israel can be found at this link. 


The IUM is 100% sustainable through government contracts and b2b sales - they work on a zero-donation and zero-volunteering policy with an annual turnover of 39 million euros. The model has proven to have strong social and economic ROI at the macroeconomic market level. Over the past two decades, approximately half of all hospitalization days have been prevented through integration, saving over €220 million.

Internationally, Shekulo Tov is a shareholder in the German company IFL implements the model across the country. In Girona, Catalunya, they have worked with a local partner (Grup Exit) that wanted to scale our Rebooks training units locally. (Watch the clip in Catalan here and also read in local news).

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