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Organization Details

We're creating an ecosystem for handling packaging waste (60% of solid waste) that includes sorting infrastructure (limited-access, ideally integrated into residential and business areas), logistic services, and a mobile app. 

Our secondary raw material hub accumulates high-quality waste for sale or in-house processing. In-house production of widely used finished products and processing into pellets.

Our ecosystem operates on the principles of behavioral and circular economics. 

This is a new level of customer service in sorting infrastructure.

Impact Story

NO WASTE UKRAINE was founded in 2015 when household waste separation was not widely demanded due to lack of infrastructure, sorting culture, and economic incentives. 

The media also propagated the falsehood that Ukrainians were incapable of sorting waste due to their mentality. 

Despite this, the organization launched the first city service for separate collection on wheels and later introduced sorting programs in offices and business centers. 

We opened two sorting stations, rented over 2,000 sq m, bought a mechanized sorting line, and launched a city service for collecting separate waste from apartments during the lockdown year, resulting in a 400% growth.

Our impact occurred in several dimensions:

1.Behavioral economics. Our clients make decisions to sort with us not for pragmatic reasons but for value-based reasons.

2. With the appearance of sorting stations, similar projects began to appear in other cities of Ukraine. We proved that our hypothesis regarding sorting works even in the absence of necessary legislation and economic incentives.

3. We demonstrate an example of responsible and transparent business that uses the best available technologies and does not cut corners on environmental protection issues. We set specific value standards in the waste management market. We improve consumer awareness and insist that business representatives in waste management openly demonstrate their processes - from collection to processing or disposal.

Today, we are ready to broadcast our values and accumulated experience to the whole world by offering our infrastructure product under franchise terms.

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