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Young Africa’s vision is to contribute to a world of equality and shared wealth by channelling the power of youth to transform the world around them. We address youth unemployment - one of the world’s critical challenges and inhibitors of long-lasting, positive, and genuinely sustainable development. Tackling youth unemployment requires bold leadership and an even bolder solution. This is why at Young Africa, we aim to empower 500,000 youths with the skills they need for life and livelihood success.

Toward this end, Young Africa equips young people with the skills of the hands to foster self-reliance, skills of the heart and mind to live with dignity and responsibility and skills of the soul to live with purpose.

Impact Story

Royda (20) enrolled for vocational training at Young Africa Zambia in Lusaka at the beginning of 2021. Growing up, Royda always had a fascination for cooking and wanted to become a famous chef.

Royda became an orphan at a very young age and had no support to continue her school education and to finish high-school.

Young Africa showed to be game-changer for her: she completed her training in catering. Lusaka, a city with 3 million habitats has a growing hospitality industry with restaurants and hotels providing employment opportunities.

Immediately after Royda graduated, she got a job as an assistant cook at the canteen of YWCA in Lusaka. She is confident that the skills that she acquired at Young Africa are the first steps to become the chef she has been dreaming of.


"A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step".


Royda is able to save money every month to pursue her dream of being a famous chef at her own restaurant in Lusaka.

With her savings, ánd with the micro-credit support for graduates Young Africa Zambia offers, we believe that Royda's dream will soon be turned into reality.



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