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African Community Housing & Development

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Organization Details

African Community Housing & Development's mission is to provide opportunities for African Diaspora immigrant and refugee communities, families, and individuals in King County to attain health and housing stability, economic development, high-quality education, and referrals to legal services.

Impact Story

ACHD is an organization founded by and for the African Diaspora immigrant and refugee community. We are led by visionary Black women and a 100% African Diaspora Board of Directors, and the majority of our staff identify as Black or People of Color. ACHD was created to eliminate barriers, and is dedicated to racial equity and fighting anti-Black, xenophobic, Islamophobic policies and sentiments. We utilize a multipronged strategy to anti-racism work, using advocacy and education. 

All of our programs are created and evaluated through an equity lens, and we prioritize the needs of those most underserved by current systems in all of our decision-making. ACHD staff always ensure services are culturally and linguistically appropriate for participants from communities disproportionately impacted by poverty and discrimination throughout King County. We recognize that achieving equity is an ongoing process that requires constant reflection, learning, and action – we are constantly working to incorporate community voice into everything we do. 

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