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Organization Details

company "Ekopan" LLC is one of the largest producers of SIP panels in Ukraine, which has been successfully selling its own products on the domestic and foreign markets since 2012, thereby providing foreign currency income to Ukraine.
During this time, we have more than 750 successful projects implemented in Ukraine and abroad, namely townhouses, cottages, country houses, hotels, hostels, industrial and commercial objects of various purposes.

Impact Story

In 2022, with the beginning of a full-scale war, we developed ergonomic designs of residential complexes for IDPs, which are intended for temporary and permanent residence. Our projects differ from plastic solutions of modular towns, as we use SIP panels for construction. This material is environmentally friendly and safe for human health and the environment. Therefore, the use of SIP panels for the construction of residential complexes for IDPs is the optimal solution today.

We have developed a special approach to building design through an energy concept that includes:
Detailed analysis of the geolocation of the site and the placement of the building in order to maximize the use of existing natural sources (soil type, topography, course of the sun, water, etc.).
Creation of building architecture that allows maximum use of natural energy sources
Creating a passive building envelope.
Creation of an energy exchange scheme inside the building (for example, if the server produces heat, then we use it to heat other rooms or water, instead of cooling with air conditioners for additional costs)
Application of optimized engineering systems to ensure maximum comfort (2) - just these 4 steps reduce the building's energy use by AT LEAST 70%.
  Use of alternative energy sources for the remainder that is necessary.