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A Non-profit

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Organization Details

Koshaa mission is to create People's Movement to Simplify Life. Koshaa enhances the best of your potential by decluttering whatever is holding you back. We take people in a journey from their limited life to experience abundance in their life.Koshaa enables change-makers to transform themselves so that they can serve the society and environment at large. We find these change-makers and groom them via our 6-day Raw Life Celebration program.

    Impact Story

    Koshaa’s Impact: We had a reach-out to 18000+ people, shared 3 podcasts, designed 7 Edible Forest landscapes, 6 retreats and conducted 52 awareness seminars & celebrations.

    Harsimran Singh’s transformation story in his own words:

    I mostly eat local and seasonal fruits. If I go out, even if nothing is found, I just fast or sun bath. This has made life much simpler. I was also able to fix my skin allergies on my own.

    The focus on removing expenses rather than earning has transformed my habits. My first preference is to take bicycle instead of car. I have stopped buying expensive clothes.

    Koshaa’s food forest learning has awakened me about how in nature everything happens. Nothing is forced like in human society. I am now transitioning my farmland into a food forest and helping a school to transition into an eco-school. I am delighted to be guided by Koshaa team.