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A youth-led non-profit bridging the gap between intersectional environmental education and sustainable action, through international fellowships and educational platforms.

Impact Story

Eco Circle International's co-founders, Chloe Young and I, created our school’s Student Sustainability Team, where we discussed intersectional environmentalism in weekly sessions with hundreds of students. Through the process of “Education to Action,” we encouraged our peers to utilize their knowledge to identify and solve local issues. As we began to garner external attention, including an invitation to lead workshops at the British Consulate, we knew the need for our work lay beyond our school’s walls. 

This international need for connecting sustainable environmental education to tangible change, accessible to youth, led us to co-found the non-profit Eco Circle International. We achieve our mission through fellowships in every continent - with two months of environmental education, one month of leadership training, and two months of initiative implementation with a mentor - and our educational platforms - our podcast, blog, and social media. 

By aligning individual's skills and interests with our goal of sustainability at ECI, we curated and motivated an international team of youth environmentalists that assisted in developing programs around the world. 

With 23 podcast episodes, 16 articles, over two hundred fellows around the world, and initiatives constantly expanding, Eco Circle International is growing in order to protect our planet and its people. Initiatives range from translating climate information into foreign languages to increase educational equity to implementing composting systems in schools. Fellows have told me that the fellowship has “changed the way they view the world” and “given them the tools to save our planet, so now they know how to turn their passions into action.” 

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