Based in Mauritius

Everbloom Ltd

A For-profit with social mission

How This Works

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Organization Details

Everbloom is a sustainable agriculture service provider focused on helping planters, companies, NGOs, community gardens, individuals and any other interested parties committed to moving forward with their sustainability agenda. Our goal is to promote food security in Mauritius, in a practical and efficient way.

Impact Story

Everbloom was created by Vishesh Gangaram, a social entrepreneur driven by his love for what he does and who can’t imagine a life worthwhile doing anything else. Embracing his childhood passion for agriculture and deep fondness for nature, fueled by fascination and curiosity, Vishesh pursued several courses on organic farming, permaculture, and intensive research on sustainable practices.

With the previous lockdowns and the challenges our country faced, Everbloom saw clear opportunities to transform agriculture and aim to be the accelerator of positive change. With the ever-rising of food prices, our goal is to provide innovative agricultural solutions to some of the most pressing environmental and social problems of our time; food security and the protection of our soils.

We believe in the power of cultivation to effect the profound change our country needs to become more sustainable. Everbloom was created to cater to this ever-growing population who wants to plant but does not have the knowledge to do so in a sustainable way.

We think that agricultural workers and communities can play a fundamental role in thedevelopment of the agriculture sector. Our vision is to provide a platform dedicated to sustainable agriculture and food security, encourage change, and achieve self-sufficiency.

We motivate people and organisations to use unoccupied land to plant fruit, vegetables, herbs,and medicinal plants which require low maintenance and can be harvested throughout the year without the need to constantly replant.