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Modern agriculture faces great challenges due to climate changes, subjecting plants to different kinds of stress. The excess radiation, extreme temperatures, and scarcity of water, diminish the performance of crops and their quality.

Looking for solutions that contribute to sustainable agriculture BOTANITEC was born, enhancing natural active ingredients with biotechnology, using agricultural waste as raw material, in tune with the Circular Economy.

The main BOTANITEC solutions, BOTAN FOLIAR and BOTAN ROOT, are natural antioxidant compositions with fundamental active principles that reduce oxidative stress in the plant and favor photosynthesis, impacting the growth and quality of the plant and its fruits, by minimizing the effect of abiotic stress (transplantation, extreme temperatures, water scarcity, etc.).

Impact Story

BOTANITEC works for 3 of the SDG:

- Responsible Consumption and Production: Seeks to guarantee sustainable modes of consumption and production. As a company, BOTANITEC purpose is to contribute to the development of sustainable agriculture, using industrial waste as raw material, in tune with the Circular Economy, and making quality and accessible food for the entire world. Also, the production process does not generate residues. It should be noted that Latam Positive Impact Startup ( recognized BOTANITEC in the Top 3 companies with the iImpact Startups Seal that contributes to SDG 12 at 2021 and 2022.
- Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure: Seeks to build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and encourage innovation. Based on BOTANITEC purpose, it seeks to create innovative tools that promote sustainable agriculture, that ensures the protection of plants and soils in the long term, discouraging the use of chemicals that affect our ecosystems.
- Climate Action: Seeks to adopt urgent measures to combat climate change and its effects. BOTANITTEC's tools seek to counteract the effects of climate change on agriculture. The use of BOTANITEC's natural antioxidant compositions, not only allows crops to endure extreme temperatures and water stress (lack of water), but also makes them more resilient, improving their quality in the long term. Indeed, BOTANITEC was recognized by the UN in its Program Re-Acciona por el Clima as a company that contributes to combating climate change.