Based in Germany

Kontakt Kollektiv

How This Works

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Organization Details

Kontakt Kollektiv is the first-of-its-kind movement that brings back traditional ways of cultivating human bonds and adapts them to a modern lifestyle through social technology. We equip physical locations, such as offices, cafes, and co-working spaces, with kollektiv toolkits and train community members to facilitate meaningful conversations. The host locations, facilitators and participants are brought together via a digital platform to connect and collaborate on local events and neighbourhood activities. By transforming how people interact, we foster healthier, more inclusive, equity-based communities and networks.While Meetup, Vertellis and German Stammtisch work in a similar area, they target middle-class groups sharing common interests. What makes our approach unique is the focus on mental health, specific target beneficiaries (migrants, underrepresented communities) and a decentralized platform that connects people of various backgrounds.

Impact Story

Kontakt Kollektiv creates physical spots and provides the tools to enable people in high-risk groups of social isolation and loneliness to maintain good mental health and well-being through meaningful socialization. Through our work, we cultivate the inclusion of people of all backgrounds and abilities in society, decreasing discrimination and extremism.

Our innovative approach merges physical community spaces with decentralised digital tools for community co-creation. Kontakt Kollektiv's solution has been tested in both urban and rural settings in Germany and Spain. Kollektiv's impact has been validated through surveys and interviews with users, incl. migrants, adults 55+, and marginalised groups, positively impacting people across Europe.

Kontakt Kollektiv increases social connectedness by creating spaces in public locations, workspaces, and events. So far, we have facilitated over 1,300 conversations for 450+ participants from over 30 nationalities and various socio-economic backgrounds and impacted, directly and indirectly, more than 2,000 people. 

Kontakt Kollektiv received the "Update Hamburg Social Innovation Award" from The German Ministry of Economics and Innovation (BWI) and was selected for the 'Stockholm Impact Ecosystem Accelerator' by DEEP Ecosystem and the City of Stockholm.