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Nyanam Widows Rising

A Non-profit

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Organization Details

We are a restorative justice organization, preparing widows to be leaders of positive social transformation in their communities through integrated programs in leadership, health, livelihoods,  justice and youth education.

Our work alleviates widowhood poverty, mitigates the impact of HIV/AIDS, and gives widows the tools to tackle oppressive cultural, economic, and social practices that undermine widows’ dignity and limit their agency.

Impact Story

In Dholuo, “Nyanam” translates directly to “daughter of the lake.” Culturally, “Nyanam” is used as a term of endearment for women from the Lake Victoria region; the term thus captures both the place and the people that our work focuses on.

Nyanam’s programs are guided by the widows we serve, and aim to address the challenges that the widows are not able to immediately resolve themselves. Nyanam does not elevate one issue above the others since we are focused on providing holistic support for widows and their families with a person-centered approach. Based on the women’s stories and sentiments, we recognize that these issues are equally important and interconnected.

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