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Re is a borrow, return and reuse anywhere alternative to single-use packaging that is operationally, environmentally and commercially scalable. Our aim is to drive cross category collaboration to create a universal, professionally-refillable packaging platform that helps brands, retailers and consumers of FMCG products transition to reuse. These product includes beverage, coffee, water, beauty, personal care, homecare, vitamins, packaged foods and many more. 


Impact Story

The FMCG industry creates over 161 million tonnes of plastic packaging every year, which most of it are not recycled. This devastating situation has caused problems to the environment, and it is predicted that in 2050, there will be more plastics than fish in the ocean. Is this the future that you want? 

For us, it is definitely not! Our platform exists to provide packaging-as-a-service that enable brands, retailers and consumer accelerate their transition to reuse. We provide smart standardised packaging for reuse using circular materials, establish commercially viable packaging leasing & deposit administration, as well as managing returns & washing infrastructure and processes for packaging. By doing this, we are helping to close the loop and utilise the life-cycle of the packaging and significantly reducing the amount of single-use packaging to the environment. 

Personal care products are heavily packed in packaging. Therefore, through Beauty Kitchen, we have demonstrated that it is possible to reuse and refill. We want to transfer the knowledge from our experience in reuse for beauty and personal care to other FCMG products. We have collaborated with major FMCG brands, such as Unilever and M&S, on their homecare and personal care products to encourage customer to reuse. We are hoping to scale up the movement and transform the economy to circular. 

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