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Pratham InfoTech Foundation

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Organization Details

Pratham InfoTech Foundation(PIF) is a non-profit organization that works to provide quality education to the underprivileged children of India, PIF runs IT based training, educational and community capacity building programs in underserved schools and communities.

Vision : All people- regardless of social background, income level, geographic isolation, skill gap and educational qualifications, reap the social and economic benefits that information technologies promise to all in the new world in which information and technology touch every aspect of our life.

Mission : e-Education to All

Aim to boost digital literacy, bridge digital divide, facilitate the adoption of information technologies in education, and equip at risk youths with skills, tools and capabilities that new global economy demands.

Impact Story

In pursuit of the vision, the following principles guide our operations and outreach,

  • Programs, products and services that stress the use of IT to address socio-economic problems of the disadvantaged and underserved population.
  • Holistic program development, value-addition to stakeholders and sustainability of efforts are key determinants of success.
  • A low cost, scalable and quality driven operational model that relies on recruiting smart, talented youth from the underserved communities we serve.
  • Emphasis on capacity building, skill development, social integration and inclusive growth.

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