Based in India

Jagruth Tech Private Limited

A For-profit with social mission

Organization Details

Converting unsorted landfill waste into construction material like Eco Interlock Paver which has negative carbon footprint and gas produced during production will be used to generate Green Hydrogen gas.

To solve both waste pollution and construction pollution, Jagruth tech invented World’s first eco-friendly and technological solution for upcycling landfill waste and converting it into negative carbon footprint products like construction products and Green Hydrogen (eg: Eco Interlock Pavers) with blockchain technology to collect data about CO2 prevented. 

Impact Story

Jagruth Tech Pvt Ltd. has taken a further step to save our environment. They always engage themselves in producing the best products out of the waste that is eco friendly to nature. "Waste is not waste until we waste it," the whole team of Jagruth thinks in this idea and work towards the progress of giving the equivalent peaceful and well-disposed environment to our next generation.

By manufacturing just 1 Eco Interlock Pavers from unsorted landfill waste types and diverting them from landfill, we prevent approximately 22.5 kg of CO2-equivalent emissions from entering the atmosphere thereby reducing global warming.

The main difference between normal concrete pavers and our Eco Interlock pavers can carry a load of up to 50-60 tons and have a life of more than 50 years. Water absorption is less compared to concrete pavers and produces negative carbon footprint.Green Hydrogen gas can be used for transportation.