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How This Works

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Organization Details

Jost Greens Services is a collective of experts, who have converged with the aim of ensuring impact investment is accessible to businesses that traditionally encounter insurmountable barriers to accessing credit and other financing options. The company serves as a business accelerator, carrying out consultancy services to a range of industry players for investment training, investment facilitation, and post-investment support. We aim to ensure SMEs (pre-seed, start-ups, and growth stage companies) are equipped with sustainable structures to access and efficiently utilize finance from local and international investors.

Impact Story

Jost Greens Services exist essentially to bridge the gap between SMEs and investors. Our unique approach ensures that the barriers to SME investment are tackled from the pre to post-investment stages. We identified that most companies seeking and in need of impact, investment have capacity shortfalls. We have thus developed an all-encompassing training curriculum for owners and executives to ensure they have the requisite skillsets to access and comprehend the critical tenets of impact investment. Our maiden event had over 50 SMEs in attendance from key investment areas. We intend to keep this training phase FREE and rotate the training to the underserved demographic of Northern Nigeria, with the aim to scale nationwide.

We have also developed a database that serves as a two-way interphase for both investors and SMEs, who are guided through our accelerator program to be investment ready. Our final step is the post-investment audit and appraisal phase, where we guide companies who have secured funding through advisory services and mentorship to ensure the funds are utilized judiciously to achieve economic, social, and environmental impact. 

Diverse Social Enterprise

The TRANSFORM Support Hub is committed to accelerating diverse owned and led enterprises to build more equitable and resilient supply chains.

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