Based in Uganda

Kaka cesspool services

A For-profit with social mission

Organization Details

Kaka cesspool services is a Ugandan enterprise that deals in faecal sludge collection and transportation services from non-sewered on-site sanitation systems to treatment plants. Kaka cesspool services does toilet, septic tank emptying services to promote proper sanitation. Kaka cesspool services is keen to see that every household and institution has a safely managed sanitation facility.

Impact Story

We deliver increased access to safe and affordable faecal sludge collection and transportation services contributing to a safe healthy environment leading to economic growth and creating employment opportunities.

We offer free advisory services for our clients regarding managing sanitation facilities I.e proper construction of toilets that don't damage under ground water, regular cleaning of Sanitation facilities and treatment to prevent environment pollution.    We partner with government institutions like National Environment Management Authority to uphold and conserve nature through proper faecal sludge dumping.                           Kaka cesspool services offers safe and affordable toilet emptying services with much emphasis on marginalized communities and including the urban poor.