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Cares of Washington

A Non-profit

Organization Details

Cares of WA staff work with our clients from the very start of obtaining a job and all the way throughout the entire span of their employment. We place no time constraints on our clients and as long as they demonstrate both a willingness to advance and a consistent improvement, we continue to assist them making progress.

We also assist client’s families. We know that sometimes the barriers faced when obtaining and maintaining employment for the client may impact other individuals in that family. Whether it’s having enough food on the table, an affordable place to live, access to affordable transportation, or even being safe at home, there are issues that we can help address that benefit not just our client but their family unit as well.

Cares of WA also integrates financial coaching into our service delivery model. Staff work to address barriers that prevent clients from effectively managing their money, such as credit issues, payday loans, and lack of access to financial services.

Impact Story

John* was referred to Connect for Success by his employer because he was not showing up for work on time and sometimes not showing up at all. John was close to losing his job.  During our first meeting he shared all the things that were going on in his life. He had a motto to “make it to Wednesday'' because that is when Payday falls.  He was in collections for many things, he owed the IRS money, and he did not have a bank account because he did not have all the documentation the bank needed, like an in-state driver’s license. He did not have a copy of his social security card. He had a car on its last leg, bald tires and a flashlight taped to the bumper to use as a head light. He was borrowing money from coworkers on Tuesday to be able to get gas so he could make it to work on Wednesday, payday. He had a teenage daughter who had run away to a hotel with her boyfriend and a son who was becoming reclusive. He had just gotten remarried to a gal who was in school and not working. And felt compelled to go and stay with his ex-wife to help her with the issues with his children. He had a dog that had been hit by a car and a huge vet bill. He was running to the next town to just cash his check because the company bank was that far away. He was paying for cashier checks to pay all the bills that he was juggling and just making it by a thread. He was coached through the process and steered to the right resources, together with his success coach, he started with some of the small “easy” stuff like getting his social security card, and in-state driver’s license. He was able to make a payment plan with the IRS. He started budgeting better. His support for his kids helped things settle down.  He has made huge personal steps and continues to work on his day to day living. John is showing up for work and showing up on time. His employer has told Connect for Success how much of a difference he has seen in this individual. In fact, John received a raise.