Based in United Kingdom


A For-profit with social mission

Organization Details

Mpowa is mixed non/for profit ecosystem platform which aims to integrate clean technology, micro philanthropy, and impact investing in a single integrated blockchain enabled SaaS platform, via our easy to use smartphone app and associated digital metaverse.

We have incubated the company 3 years and now preparing to go to market full speed in 2023, launch our social impact DAO vertical, while continuing to incubate our for profit project finance business which is helping bring to market innovative new technologies in the hydrogen energy and sustainable decentralised water sectors.

Impact Story

We exist as a grass roots led community organisation spanning the African continent in multiple countries.

Though so far self funded, we have impacted many lives in developing our network of community activist "heroes", working with a lot of young women and girls educating them on the potential of blockchain technology, climate justice, and clean technology solutions via our many partners.

We have built a powerful network of local indigenous NGO organisations, and had a direct and measurable impact on a small but growing community of passionate and dedicate african activists.