Based in India


A For-profit

Organization Details

ecoSansar is a one stop shop for all things sustainable with reverse logistics for reuse / refill of product packagings. 

We are in service to the planet and people while ensuring convenience of online shopping for consumers. We are also a Single Point of Contact for multiple vendors to bring back packaging / containers from customer doorstep, clean and sterilise them and put them back in the supply chain for refills thus closing the loop for a Circular Economy. 


Impact Story

Why we exist, why was ecoSansar founded ?

My first literal environmental crisis slap on the face by the ocean was when I was stranded on the city roads of Mumbai in the floods in July 2005. When the flood water receded, the roads were completely covered with plastic waste and with dead plastic entangled marine lives. This was way back in 2005 and today 17 years on, I cannot even fathom the extent of damage and the tons and tons of waste lying around. At the consumer's action level, we are still talking about something as basic as taking their own bag to shop for things, which are all again packed in plastic covers.

Action is not at the same pace at which the problem is being created on a daily basis. With the advent of online shopping, single use packaging waste has increased exponentially in the recent past. Recycling economy does not mitigate single use plastic waste and does not help in ensuring maximising value of existing resources in its current form. This is where a Circular Economy becomes pertinent and a closed loop supply chain is absolutely essential to make the online shopping less burdensome on our resources and environment. 

We are here to create a tech based solution which will onboard and synergise identified multiple stakeholders and ensure a closed loop supply chain is succesfully executed for reuse/refill.

Impact :

1) Eliminate single use packaging waste thus reducing amount of waste generated

2) Incentivise and centralise segregation for resource recovery, making it more efficient

3) Create an ecosystem to stimulate redesign of packaging and make it economically viable through reuse.