Based in India

Ayya Waste Management

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

Ayya Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. working in the field of sustainability with waste management as its core. We are working to reduce emission of GreenHouse Gases emitted from waste that lead to Climate Change. We are also working to make this informal sector of rag pickers into a formal one and also human behavioral change towards waste. 

Impact Story

Ayya Waste Management have introduce Purchase Model where we have listed various fractions for which we incentivise people if they bring clean segregated waste. In the year between August 2021-July 2022 people have came up more than 70 tonnes of waste and  dirverted it from going to landfill or oceans. Ayya Waste Management works with the Corporation of the City of Panaji and have channelised more than 1200 tonnes of waste to recyclers/upcyclers.

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