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Research and Development Without Borders

A Non-profit

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Organization Details

RDWB is a Research and development organisation. Still only two years old, our few, but dedicated personnel have worked tirelessly with thousands of Cameroonians, especially women and children who don't have access to affordable, and potable drinking water in some of the poorest and most remote communities in Cameroon.

Impact Story

Our mission is to harness local resources both human and financial to develop low-cost technologies adaptable to the context of local traditional communities. We have been able to do this through research, innovation and education. Through our smart city farms, we trained close to 60 local farmers to start permaculture farming as an adaptive method to COVID-19  and climate change. Our back-to-school disinfection and sanitation project has impacted close to 2500 pupils and students enabling a safe and hygienic environment for studies. Our research project in partnership with the University of Glasgow sponsored by the Royal Academy of Engineering is breaking ground in the area of removing persistent organic pollutants in waters in Cameroon. This project is influencing policy in the area of use of agricultural inputs that pollute drinking water sources. Our partnership with Engineers Without Borders UK and SA to organise the Engineering for Design Challenge in Cameroon has seen the introduction into their curriculum the concept for Globally responsible engineering with more 120 students from 3 major state universities taking part. The partnership with Centre for Affordable water and sanitation technology has beared fruits through the series of online training organised for the training of water sanitation professional. The course has trained more than 200 partners from NGO's and companies on household water treatment and storage. 

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