Based in Hungary


A Non-profit

Organization Details

IT ALL STARTED IN 2014. Skool has become a synonym for innovative and inspirational technology training for young girls over the past eight years.
Embracing the digital economy’s potential that change the relationship between humans and
technology, we are now extending our activities beyond coding: we reinterpret the learning process and strive to pass on the code of the future to the young generations.

Impact Story

The story began eight years ago to show the exciting world of technology to as many girls as possible. We have had more than 6000+ participants in our programs since 2014; furthermore, in our Skool for a good project, we have been educating and delivering the tech companies’ atmosphere to kids from children's homes in 10-week-long free courses for three years now.
We like to write compelling storylines but give the leading roles to youngsters, parents, mentors, trainers, and supporting partners.

From the professional perspective, we redefine the learning process and teachers’ roles.
We develop and provide learning content not available in the school system, involve parents, and include our supporters’ most relevant topics.
From the emotional view, we give space to experience-based learning and the joy of shared and creative discovery. Our technology focus is playful, lovable, memorable - and fundamentally free. We invite all our partners to a futuristic journey.