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Afrifood Technologies

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

Afrifood Technologies is a Farm-to-Fork food product development specialist firm, with a focus on circular food economies through product and process innovation solutions. Our services include:

-New product development services

-Category Management and data analytics for the food industry

-Building and maintaining shipping container based mobile abattoirs and factories

We work with our clients to enable them to use data insights to roll out new products into the commercial foods value chain, while also improving exisitng products to compete with the best in class.

Impact Story

Our current food system is plagued by a number of issues which have a negative impact for the end consumer and driving constant food price increases. Long carbon emitting supply chains lead to the creation of waste and poor quality food products due to the lack of acceptable food safety standards, expertise and relevant infrastructure. These issues increase the pressure facing the farmer as well the entire supply chain to maximize on value creation for the end consumer. Afrifood Technologies seeks to address these challenges through a range of complimentary business services to ensure efficiency, sustainable innovation and value creation.

We exist to create shorter suppy chains by bringing processing closer to the farm, meaning the creation of local food systems, reduced food waste, and better value for small scale farmers as well as the entire food value chain.

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